SMART Foundation

Video Training for Foundation Teachers


Linking phonics and common words.

SMART Foundation has been developed by Michelle Hutchison (the author of SMART Spelling) over the past four years and has been successfully implemented by large numbers of very happy foundation teachers!


The goal of SMART Foundation is simple: a meaningful way to teach phonics and common words.


Teachers of the first year of school (called Foundation in Australia) have long been disappointed in approaches that simply send home ‘sight words’ for parents to teach. These old fashioned approaches encourage whole word memorisation at the expense of systematic decoding skills.


We knew we needed to do better… and now we know how!


We have developed a meaningful sequence to teach phonics from a ‘Word of the Week’. This Word of the Week inspires curiosity, excitement, hands-on shared experiences, rich oral language and most importantly…fun…and that makes learning stick!  Phonics is taught explicitly and systematically in a carefully structured sequence from the Words of the Week.


But teaching foundation is not just about phonics…The most commonly seen words are important too!


Rather than presenting common words out of context, we have placed them into meaningful sentences called ‘The Sentence of the Week’ that is linked back to the Word of the Week! The common words are explicitly taught by the classroom teacher and there is also home learning to support this called…‘My Weekly Words’


Enjoy a new, exciting way to teach phonics and common words in a related way that makes the most of meaning!  You and your kids will have so much fun!


When you buy SMART Foundation you get an hour of video training presented by Michelle Hutchison that is supported by printable notes and you also get 3 digital downloads (see below) that contain everything you need to use this approach straight away!

Weekly Posters

Weekly Posters that display the word of the week broken into sound boxes and the sentence of the week with words from the 100 most commonly seen word in black.

PowerPoint Display

The key learning of phonics and common words for the whole year to use of your whiteboard in your classroom daily.

My Weekly Words

Reading to send home that reinforces what has been taught at school in both phonics and common words.

Maddi Cooper, AIS Singapore


Jane Curran, Lauriston


Tracey and Bek


Andrea Walter, Lauriston


Katherine Hall, St Leonard's College


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"“The best she has ever used in 25 years of teaching” is what Prep teacher Andrea Walter thinks about the new SMART Foundation that is being implemented at Lauriston. "

Lauriston Life Magazine
Edition 3, September 2017

"Over the last 2 1/2 years I have been using SMART Foundation in my Prep classroom. It was fantastic to learn a new way to teach spelling, reading and writing that made sense, was relevant and helped to produce enthusiastic, confident and capable students within my classroom. The results speak for themselves, students are producing work well above expected level in reading, writing and spelling."

Jenny Hammond
Beaconhills College

"For me, Michelle has done something extremely clever. She has made something extremely complex, very simple to understand and apply. "

Iain Wallace

"The positive effect on the children’s ability to decode and connect with the word of the week has been evident, their knowledge of letter sound relationships gives them confidence and the children see themselves as readers and writers. The parents at our school are supportive as the program makes sense and they are seeing a huge positive impact on their children’s ability to read and write. We are proud to share the impact this program has had with our colleagues and the community."

Paula Bissinella
Ballarat Grammar

"I absolutely love it. My Preps love it. It's so easy to follow, everything you need is there. The best part is that the progress that I have seen is incredible. Their writing, reading and spelling foundations are solid. Their writing and spelling is way beyond a prep level. "

Maxine Reichenberg
Adass Israel

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