The SMART Spelling Manual

The SMART Spelling manual is a 263 page, coil bound resource for teachers that contains:

  • Yearly scope and sequence from Prep – Year 6
  • Week-by-week spelling lists – with the words broken up for you!
  • Detailed background on syllables, sounds and letters
  • The 4 SMART Spelling Rules
  • Plural Rules
  • An easy model of differentiation
  • Spelling activities

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The Literacy Restaurant Book 

The SMART Literacy Restaurant Book contains an approach to literacy support. It is not a program, but a menu of suggested teaching activities.  It provides a menu of teaching strategies, that are based on evidence, in a predictable structure of Entrée, Main and Dessert.

  • Entrée:  42 pages of phonological awareness and 19 pages of vocabulary teaching activities.
  • Main: SMART Spelling including checklists of important spelling patterns to teach.
  • Dessert: 17 teaching strategies for reading (7 for decoding, 4 for fluency and 6 for comprehension).

The innovative menu is a quick and easy way to plan and record the sessions.

(You can preview some of the pages in the shop)

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"I use Michelle's strategies EVERYDAY. Her books are practical and easy to understand and the children understand what I am explaining because it is telling it how it is."

Tammy Stephens
Speech Pathologist The Rupsey Centre

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